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Solve Your Bad Breath Problems in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Surrounding Locations

More than 40 million people in the USA are afflicted with bad breath caused by a condition called halitosis. It’s not particularly dangerous health-wise, but certainly a social problem that can cause embarrassment. Some people chew gum to mask the condition, but this is a temporary solution at best.

Up to 90% of bad breath conditions start in the mouth. Certain foods, alcohol, smoking, not brushing your teeth or flossing, and infections of the mouth are common causes. It’s unfortunate, but bad breath can cause you opportunities – whether it be in your social life or professional.

Dr. Frederick G. Lehmann, DDS in Chapel Hill, NC and his staff can recommend steps to solve your problem with bad breath, and restore your confidence. While there are several causes of this condition, we can conduct an exam and identify problems that are causing this unfortunate condition.