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Visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Chapel Hill to Increase Self-Confidence

Sometimes, looks actually do matter. A survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that the smile has a very long-lasting impression, as most believe that it will always be attractive despite aging: About (45%) of survey participants agree a smile is the most attractive feature, no matter their age. Conversely, very few think that the body (10%), hair (6%), or legs (5%) are as appealing as we age. Roughly half (54%) of respondents ages 50+ attest that a smile can withstand the test of time most attractively as someone ages, compared with 39 percent of 18-49 year-olds who feel the same. Given the importance of a perfect smile, most people surveyed would be willing to spend money safeguarding their teeth as they age. […]

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Chapel Hill Dentist Gives Better Smiles with New Dental Innovations

There’s a reason why people are always reminded to visit their dentists at least twice a year. These regular visits are intended to maintain, repair, and prevent future damage on one’s pearly whites. A simple toothache, after all, may have far-reaching consequences, from concomitant headaches to increased risk in diabetes, stroke, or even cardiovascular issues. It may seem all too much considering that it’s just teeth, but then again, they aren’t just teeth. For their part, dental practitioners make it a point to further improve the ways by which they can help their patients. […]

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