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Dentures and Partials: Removable Options for the Replacement of Missing Teeth

For the replacement of missing teeth removable partials and dentures can be an excellent treatment option. With today’s choices of materials the removable prosthesis can be extremely cosmetic and long lasting.

Our staff with go through all the options for the design and material choices should a removable appliance be an option to replace missing teeth.  Dentures can in most cases be more affordable options for the replacement of missing teeth.

With a well fitted denture patients can be expected to be able to eat well and look good.

Fortunately, Dentures Are Not What They Used to Be

New advances in dentistry enable us to improve the fit, comfort and appearance of dentures.

Using the latest, most advanced techniques to assure comfortable fit and natural appearance, we will review your health history, make a thorough oral examination and take proper records and measurements before prescribing your prosthesis.


How Do I Care For My New Teeth?

To clean your dentures, you should use a toothbrush specifically designed for dentures and denture cleaner.   It is important to remove the denture for some time during the day to allow for optimal tissue health.  This is most appropriate at night.

If you wear a partial denture, make certain when you floss and brush your natural teeth that you take special care to clean the area around the clasps, as trapped food particles, combined with salivary acids and bacteria, may cause these adjacent teeth to be more susceptible to tooth decay.

Dr. Lehmann insists that we work only with the most reputable laboratories trained to fashion custom teeth to complement your facial features and lifestyle.  We want your total satisfaction!

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