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A denture, or a complete denture as it is also known, is an oral prosthetic that replaces missing teeth and supports the lips and cheeks.
The majority of dentures are constructed of acrylic and can be created in one of two methods.

  • A conventional denture is made after all teeth have been extracted and the tissues (gums) have healed.
  • After the teeth are removed and the tissues have had time to recover under the denture, an immediate denture is made and put in.
  • An upper denture has acrylic, usually flesh colored, that covers the palate (roof of the mouth).
  • A lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to leave room for the tongue.

The teeth can be constructed of porcelain, plastic, or both. A complete denture can be linked to dental implants for a more stable fit, and dentures can be made to fit over teeth that have undergone endodontic treatment.

In order to maintain a correct jaw alignment, dentures will naturally wear out over time and will need to be replaced or relined. As a result of tooth extraction, the alignment will gradually change as the bone and gum ridges shrink or retreat. Denture wearers still need to have regular dental exams so that the oral tissues can be inspected for illness or changes.

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Dental Anxiety and Phobia


Up to 75% of Americans have some level of dental phobia, and 20% choose not to get their teeth cleaned as a result. We want you to know that our top goal is making you feel safe and at ease while visiting our office. Dental phobias and anxieties can manifest in many different ways, and each person has different fears. Dental anxiety can range from minor to serious, and it frequently manifests as a generalized feeling of fear and dread when anticipating a forthcoming surgery.