Rebase Repairs

Rebase Repairs

Denture Rebase & Repairs Chapel Hill NC

When your denture’s teeth are still in good shape and haven’t worn down in contrast to the base material, rebasing might be advised. Without changing the denture teeth, rebasing involves replacing the complete acrylic denture base to create a sturdy denture. If your denture is old or broken, a rebase may be necessary. Rebases and relinings are quite similar; the difference is that rebases completely replace the pink-acrylic denture base material rather than simply the lining.

Possible reasons for the rebase procedure include:

  • Broken or damaged denture
  • Weakened or damaged denture base
  • Replacement of an immediate denture

Denture Repairs

A damaged denture can result from a number of situations, all of which need to be urgently fixed. A fractured or damaged denture can be repaired to bring it nearly back to its original state. Denture repairs can frequently be done by Frederick G. Lehmann, DDS, PA the same day. Your denture’s status will be explained to you by Dr. Lehmann, who will also suggest procedures to take in order to stop additional breakage.

Do Your Dentures Need to be Repaired?

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Dental Anxiety and Phobia


Up to 75% of Americans have some level of dental phobia, and 20% choose not to get their teeth cleaned as a result. We want you to know that our top goal is making you feel safe and at ease while visiting our office. Dental phobias and anxieties can manifest in many different ways, and each person has different fears. Dental anxiety can range from minor to serious, and it frequently manifests as a generalized feeling of fear and dread when anticipating a forthcoming surgery.