Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants Chapel Hill NC

Dental sealants are a quick treatment in which a tooth-colored resin is coated onto the surface of the tooth, and they are incredibly successful in preventing decay on the biting surfaces of your chewing teeth.

Deep grooves are efficiently sealed with dental sealants, creating a barrier that shields enamel from acids and plaque.

Dental sealants are quick and simple to apply, sealing each tooth in only a few minutes. Sealants can persist for several years before they need to be reapplied since they withstand the force of typical chewing well. We’ll keep an eye out for any future requirements.

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Preventative Care


Dental Anxiety and Phobia


Up to 75% of Americans have some level of dental phobia, and 20% choose not to get their teeth cleaned as a result. We want you to know that our top goal is making you feel safe and at ease while visiting our office. Dental phobias and anxieties can manifest in many different ways, and each person has different fears. Dental anxiety can range from minor to serious, and it frequently manifests as a generalized feeling of fear and dread when anticipating a forthcoming surgery.